The Jay Fletch Real Estate Group main focus isn’t just on real estate. The surrounding communities are of high importance. Together, we are determined to give back and spread positive awareness.

Jay Fletch Real Estate Group sends donations to local schools, encourages employees to volunteer, donates to nonprofits, hosts community events, and more!
Listed below are a few:

Special Olympics

Special Olympics (Northland 300 Snowmobile Ride)

Grace Place

Yearly Donations

Wounded Veterans

Yearly Donations

St. Jude Hospital

Yearly Donations

Special Kids Hope Drive

December 2019: Donation

St. Patrick's School

October 2019: Socks, Underwear, Hats, Mittens, Etc.
December 2019: Pay for Outstanding Balances

Feed my Starving Children

Packed Boxes: 143
Meals: 30,888
Kids Fed For A Year: 85

Best Christmas Ever

Pizza to Firefighters